"Education" is simply your ability to comprehend or understand
what you hear, see or read.
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Building, Generating & Creating Wealth Through Education
Has your education taught you how to create wealth or create debt?
Unfortunately, "Traditional Education" has created the barriers that prevent you from achieving your
maximum potential
(The BOX). Don't get me wrong, education is crucial, but it's the type of education you
receive that makes the difference. Remember the

"Traditional Education" teaches you from a consumer's perspective. In other words, paying an institution's
(Instant Debt), to gaining their knowledge (Consumer Knowledge), which will hopefully translate into
a well paying career where you will work very hard for someone else.

This formula equals
"NO CHANCE AT WEALTH" because all of your focus is turned towards paying off that
student loan and any other debts you may have accumulated during that time.

This type of thinking is normal for the majority of the population because from preschool through high school
"Wealth" is never taught. However, everyone is taught how to spend money or to save money but how to
create money; that's not a course you will ever find in
"Traditional Education".

The only income source most people understand is the result of filling out a job application and hoping that
they will be noticed by a prospective
"Employer", but they never think of employing themselves.

This only proves the point about
"Traditional Education" putting limits and barriers on you that keep you in
"BOX". You need to change your mindset from that of a "Consumer" into that of an "Entrepreneur".

"Self employment" is the only way you can create, generate, and build wealth. You will never be wealthy
work for someone else.

This type of
"Exceptionalism" can be obtained by anyone who is willing to put in the work. If you ever
worked long hours and sacrificed time for an
"Employer", certainly you should be willing to do that for

To be honest,
"Success" isn't something that happens overnight, but it is determined and rewarded by your
own efforts in due time. How determined are you?

Don't let all your hard work and determination be wasted working for another employer whose only concren
is their bottom line and not yours.

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So What Is The Solution?
Employ Yourself !!!
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